Easy Daily Habits For Lasting Abundance

Easy Daily Habits For Lasting Abundance

Posted 2014-01-06 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Living a life of abundance is bliss. You wouldnt want things to be any other way.

Living an abundant life is simply a habit. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), you learn that it takes a minimum of 30 days for the unconscious mind to accept a new habit. Not that long in retrospect from what seems to be years of unpleasant programming in our psyche. It does not matter how busy you are, anyone can apply this and work it.

Old habits do die hard, yet these abundant habits are designed to be easy - so you can live on and shine into the light. Amen to such purity.

Little habits plant seeds that turn into gigantic plants

1. How you start your day...

This is everything. Many people groan and complain when 6am or 7am strikes, and this is especially true on a cold morning. Many might bang the alarm in disgust, and act all tired like "is it that time already." Truth be known, whether you realise it or not - you're starting your day from the wrong angle.

Wake up and stretch with a huge grin on your face. Put two feet on the ground (be grounded) and say "thank you" as you put two feet on the ground. Bless everything, including that wonderful bed of yours that enables you to rest and recharge for this brand new, sparkling day of which will never come again.

2. Take care of your thoughts

It can be easy to slip into negative territory. Oh stink, why that old silver train again. Stop. In such a situation, be grateful for that train which takes you to your destination faster than you could ever walk there. The law of attraction is simple. If you think negativity, you attract it into your life. Start your day with positive thoughts. There is no room for abundance to live and breathe in your life with negative thoughts hanging around.

Do what you need to do to stay positive. What are you thinking as you leave the house? Hopefully not another day of work, but a focus on an attitude of providing great service to the people you meet and interact with on this gorgeous day. I have a vision board of the cool things I have in my life right now on the back of abundance, and I also have a similar board hanging up with the things I want to manifest in my life. Feeling good is the epitome of abundance coming and staying in your domain.

You deserve it

3. Schedule

This depends on your personality. If I do not have a schedule or system in place, my business and my life is full of chaos. Have a plan. If you do not have a plan, you'll easily procrastinate. With your plan, have a buffer of time to yourself. After all, you're working hard for your abundance - therefore why not enjoy some meditation; a long lunch or a massage. Fit that time into your schedule.

Only fit in a manageable amount of tasks, so your life does not feel bigger than ben hur. Where at all possible, focus on those high priority tasks, and delegate those tasks you're not so great at.

A personally adopted system for generating and implementing great business (and life) ideas:

  • Fastest to the slowest
  • Easiest to the hardest
  • Least expensive to the most expensive

  • If you don't fill your day with high priority tasks, little distractions will keep mounting to fill up your precious time.

    4. Eat. Breathe. Exercise.

    Eat - wholesome, life giving foods. Feed your body junk, and you attract junky and negative thoughts into your psyche. Value yourself.

    Breathe - deep as opposed to shallow breathing is everything.

    Exercise - an awesome way to start the day. We're designed to move.

    5. Intuition

    Trust it. We all have down in the dumps negative and complaining attitudes at times. We all have flat days, yet the power of listening to your heart more than your head can turn your fortune around for the better.

    6. Dress for success

    Wear clothes that make you feel great, happy and abundant. As within, so without. I wear pretty dresses in client facing situations. It tells that world that I am on, and that I am unstoppable.

    7. Review your days achievements

    Write down what you're grateful for today every day. Gratitude is the abundance multiplier. Positive journals are also wonderful.

    Thats right, an abundance of goodness.


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