Dont Let Sickness Rule Your Life

Dont Let Sickness Rule Your Life

Posted 2014-03-05 by angelstarfollow

We have all been sick sometime in our life. Some have only experienced a little, while others have to deal with it on a daily basis.

Isn’t it funny when you are sick sometimes, someone will say to you out of the blue “It’s only in your mind.” Wow, the amount of times I have heard that is ridiculous. Really what does that mean, and how is that supposed to really help that person?

I know for a fact when I used to hear that when I was very sick, I would become very defensive and feel humiliated in front of that person. It used to make me feel so small and inadequate.

Therefore, such comments are not nice comments to say to a sick person at all. Only through being on the other end, having experienced the emotions that go with that comment is why I can say to you that everybody needs a bit of compassion.

For those people who do live in pain daily, I do know the misery and sadness you're experiencing.

I too had many, many years of complicated daily pain that was said to be “outside the square box.”

The specialists would each pass me on down to the next one.

Sometimes I would wait three to four months for an appointment just to be told they can not help - all within three-minutes of seeing such people. Shocking disbelief and anger would overcome the cheerful side of me. That was wrong.

The ongoing hurt and fear that would eat away at me, slowly taking my dignity and changing my open personality from bubbly and outgoing to timid, judgemental and confused. I had to put my life on hold for five years.

If it was not for the ongoing support system from my amazing parents and good friends, I know that I would not have survived the ordeal. With just about everybody’s compassion and help, I moved forward at a slow pace.

The point I am trying to convey to you is if you are in this category, never ever give up. Keep going, even though you may feel nothing is going to change or how is your life going to get better.

I want you to take a special piece of advice from me: do not let your sickness rule your life or give it the power to dictate your happiness when you know you want to be happy.

Although you feel alone going through this pain with your body and confusion in your mind; you are not alone. Believe that there will be a door opening up for you. You don’t know when, or how or who; but the door is there.

Try to keep an open mind of things allowing new knowledge to enter into your life. Support for you is huge. Just focus on your healing.

If you keep a daily journal, write down your feelings. This will help heal you.

Don’t worry about the naysayers or people that do not believe you, so long as you believe in yourself then you can’t go wrong. I wish you the best of good health and happiness.


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