Dont Let People Put You Down

Dont Let People Put You Down

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Taking the ‘negative’ out of your life will allow you to be free from unwanted feelings of sadness and hurt.

Whether people say nasty things to you on purpose, or they say things unintentionally, they can all play a role in how we think about ourselves. Our self esteem can be tarnished due to the negativity that we may face.

When people put you down its is possible to have feelings of unworthiness, which will in turn make you feel that giving up is the best option. Your self esteem can be ruined and self doubt will be put in your mind in whatever you do.

People put others down due to their own insecurities as they do not want others to do better than them. In doing this, they feel that they are more successful and in turn, it makes them feel better that they can find a way to criticise someone else. A big motive for this type of behaviour is jealously. Unfortunately jealously is a curse and the effects can be harmful to others, especially if they are vulnerable.

If you are strong enough, block out those thoughts and words. Find your inner strength to believe in yourself and feel worthy at all times. If it is difficult to shut out those words and you keep replaying them, it maybe time to avoid those people. Avoiding those people will mean an end to the negativity. If you cannot completely avoid them, simply make less time for them.

There are always going to be people in the world that have these traits and feel that they have the right to put others down. Don’t ever let it get the better of you.


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