Dont Envy Those With More

Dont Envy Those With More

Posted 2014-08-29 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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Do you ever look at those who have more than you and feel a sense of envy?

Some of us seem to have this misconception that having more is better; that having bigger or newer or more expensive equates to a happier life. We are told – often – that money doesn't buy happiness but we still turn a little green when we see our neighbour’s new car or our colleague’s new outfit.

We just can’t seem to see past the big house, the boat or the shiny bling to the day-to-day life that the owner of these wondrous possessions is living.

News flash – they really are no happier than we are.

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The big house most likely comes with a big mortgage; the new car may come with extra expenses like higher insurance costs, but even if they can comfortably afford to own these things, it doesn't guarantee that their lives are better than ours.

Possessions don’t improve relationships or guarantee good health. They don’t keep us company or keep us from harm.

People who can afford to own all these wonderful things pay for them in other ways.

They may have to work longer hours or work at a job they don’t enjoy, they may have to spend more time caring for and protecting these things. The burden of this kind of lifestyle can take its toll on relationships, cause stress and illness.

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This is not always the case, but I have heard so many stories of those who have pared down their possessions, simplified their lives and lessened their responsibilities only to discover a sense of freedom and contentment that money could never buy.

Happiness doesn't always come from owning more, but it might just come from owning less.


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