Dont Be Ashamed

Dont Be Ashamed

Posted 2016-02-17 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
Don't be afraid to shop items on clearance, sale or with coupons! There is not a thing to be ashamed of! Maybe you feel embarrassed by that little yellow sticker (image of clearance sticker)(oh gosh! what will people think?) or standing at the cash register with your coupon binder sorting everything out. Do it!


What have I done? I have asked everyone and their friends/family to save their coupons for me! I call them my "coupon fairies" and I am the "frugal queen"! I am trying to lead by example and maybe you will be my first follower...

Lately, I have found sugar-free drink mix on clearance for 20 packets for a $1.00 (regularly 10 for a $1.00). I found boxes of water enhancer on clearance for 59 cents a box (regularly $1.19 a box). Then, I found broccoli coleslaw on sale for a $1.00 a bag!!!!!

What would I do with all of that water enhancer? Well, I hate water! So, it disguises the flavor AND keeps me healthy!


What about all of that coleslaw?


Goes wonderful with your own homemade (of course) slaw dressing (mayonnaise and sour cream) saving you from the expense of buying specialty slaw dressing that costs around $5.00! Coleslaw goes good with everything. A little paprika on top and....UUUUM!

It may take you a while longer to shop as you have to really search for the bargains sometimes, but hey, you get in some exercise while you are at it!

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