Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Posted 2014-12-27 by SJPfollow
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We all have dark times in our life. This is one thing we all have in common, however, how we deal with it can be totally different.

One of the worst scenarios that one can deal with is feeling helpless. This can lead to negative thoughts including those of suicide. Unfortunately, this is a something that many face and they decide that it is the only option they have left. This does not only have an effect on the person, but on everyone around them including their friends and families.

These thoughts do not mean that people are crazy, it is just a coping mechanism that they believe is the only option to rid them of certain feelings. Many of us will never really understand the reasons behind suicide, but it needs to be addressed and spoken about more. With so many people dealing with these thoughts and feelings, it is important to see the signs and understand about it.

Time and support can help over come these problems. If you suspect someone is dealing with these issues (by speaking about it or showing signs of self-harm) be there for them. Having supportive people around is extremely crucial at this time. These are challenges that no one should face alone. With time and help, these feelings and actions can be over come. Without help at this stage, it can be very difficult for someone to get out of their dark place.

There are so many great associations that can help during this time of need. If you have feelings of suicide or if you see the signs with someone you know, contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone will be able to answer your call. They will be able to give the best advice and lead you or someone you know in the right direction to recovery. Never hesitate in giving someone you love a helping hand. Don’t be afraid to find help or help someone in need.


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