Dont Allow Frustrations To Enter Your Life

Dont Allow Frustrations To Enter Your Life

Posted 2014-01-20 by angelstarfollow

The awful frustrations we as human beings face test our patience to the limit don’t they?

When you look at it, there are so many reasons we become frustrated, but which Is the best way to handle it? Some people do not actually realise how much damage they are creating in their lives, either by keeping it deep down inside your self - festering a way, or worse taking it out on loved ones.

No one fully understands each persons frustrations. They are all different, but we can be assured it still causes the same amount of pain to each of us.

When we look at what things make us frustrated and start to recognise triggers, that is when we
can make a small change.

I have had many thousands of frustrated moments in my life. Same as you, I use to let it boil inside me (not to the point of harming others). Little did I know then what it was actually doing to me physically, emotionally and socially.

Nowadays, I can look back and say “Aha. Now I know what it was.” A huge life lesson. I wondered why I felt tired, miserable, unhealthy, grumpy, and living a lack of purpose. Sounds bad, but sure taught me to buck my ideas up very quick, so I did. Just when I had enough of too many bad things happening to me, I was given a life message and an eye opener flash to my life.

Far too long I had remained an angry, impatient and unhappy individual. Life was saying to me hang in there. It won’t be long now, and then you will see the beauty in your life. I hung in there, but my life had no real meaning for a very long time. Therefore when that change came for the better, it was then I realised how precious and inspiring life really is.

Patience is the key to anything really. Learn to do it right.

Nowadays if I become frustrated, I grab a small15ml perfume purse pack of Patchouli and dab some on my wrists and neck. Instantly I start to smell the scent. So delightful and mesmerising.

I then start to feel grounded and smile…how great is that. You should give this a try the next time you feel frustrated, you will love it.


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