Do Something For Yourself Today

Do Something For Yourself Today

Posted 2014-01-06 by Mina Keenanfollow

It is surprising the amount of people who are not comfortable with being alone or by themselves. They need outer input.

Are you one of those that would like to get to know yourself better?

One way to help yourself get over it might be to do something lovely for yourself everyday!

Loosely based on the Gratitude Journal (of writing five positive or uplifting things about your day) concept, small acts of love by yourself for yourself on a regular basis will have you feeling loved up.

This will subconsciously tell yourself that you are worthy of being noticed, pampered, looked after and acknowledged.

Challenge yourself to think up things that are free or very inexpensive to get yourself into a mindset of noticing and appreciating what you already have or what is around you.

Do little things for yourself that are a reward for being you.


  • A quiet soak in the bath with candles and bubble bath.

  • Make up a wish list - journal style. A book with pictures of things you like - not necessarily with the intent of physically owning the things, but for inspiration and visual eye candy. Work on this once a week for about fifteen minutes. You'll end up making a book that you will love to keep looking through - because it was more than a 'one time' thing.

  • Dance for ten minutes - your own music in your own space.

  • Sing.

  • Watch a movie (or part of one if time is at a premium). Watching the rest of it later gives you a 'date' and a pleasant goal.

  • Tailor your rewards to your own preference. Try it and see how you go.

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