Do Not Stop If The Sun is Not Shining

Do Not Stop If The Sun is Not Shining

Posted 2014-04-27 by Shelley Murphyfollow

Have you heard of the seasonal blues?? It is when we move from sunshine to rainy days, and darks skies. Sadly, our mood quickly follows.

For some this can be quite debilitating, and impacts on their life immensely. For others it is less so, and it is simply a habit that has arisen from not taking the time to think about the advantages that come with winter.

Don't get me wrong, summer and sunshine are great; and to be honest if we don't get the right dose of sunshine we end up vitamin D deficient which can lead to depression (whole other topic there). If we can get too much sunshine, it is not good either. We can have all sorts of outcomes from too much sun.

I suppose what I am saying is that nature is pretty amazing in how it offers us different cycles in the seasons, so we can achieve a balance. The seasons are a natural cycle, and if we go with the flow, we can enjoy winter just as much as summer.

Of course, if we persist in going to the beach in our bikini and insist in behaving in winter just like it is still summer; we are going to be terribly disappointed.

I am suggesting that we can approach winter with a different view. What would happen if we embraced what it is rather than what it is not?? What if we decided that just because the sun isn't shining we don''t have to stop shining??

What if we looked for what is great about winter, instead of only seeing how un-summer it is?? Seasons are a bit like people really; if we are only looking for faults, that will be all that we can see.

So, I will start the ball rolling on the great things about winter, and I hope you will be inspired to extend this list with things that you would love to do.

The reasons I will not be blue this winter is because I will take the time to enjoy the beach in it's winter state (appropriately dressed of course). There is nothing like the thundering surf, and there are less people on the beach to share it with. My dogs love the extra freedom of running without a leash on.

Winter is a great time to walk through the hills, and by the river. The colour and foliage are impressive.

Winter will provide me with the opportunity to read or re-read some of my all time favourite books. Maybe I will even write a book.

Winter will be a great time for me to pick up that paintbrush. One for the canvas, and another for the kitchen!

Winter provides opportunities for study and short term courses; new hobbies; lovely fire-side bowls of soup with friends, as well as breaking the crock pot out of mothballs, as well as cooking those hearty stews and curries that perfume the house.

That's enough from me. Now it's your turn. How are you going to keep yourself shining through winter??

I am excited as I have a lot to look forward to.


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