Do Not Pass Go Go Straight to Jail

Do Not Pass Go Go Straight to Jail

Posted 2013-12-08 by Mina Keenanfollow

When boys were small, they asked if I would go see them if they went to jail. (Emphatic) No way.

But why?
You know right from wrong. If you do something wrong you have to pay for it.

Would you pot (tell on) us?
Yep. Can't hide at my house.

That's not a very good Mother.
Mothers not meant to help you do bad things.

You wouldn't even feel sorry for us?
Probably. Still love you and all that. But I'd have to pay for petrol to go see you, you'd probably need things in there. And money. Lot of extra hassle.

Would you be ashamed of us?
Not sure, don't want to find out.

You wouldn't even visit?
No. I don't ever want to go to jail at all, not even to visit. I like it out here.

  • Take the blame and/or consequences if you do wrong.
  • Let your kids know how you intend to cope with scenarios they come up with.

  • Did I follow through with this?

    Image "Monopoly in Jail" by Chris Potter used under CC BY 2.0


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