Divorce is Never Easy

Divorce is Never Easy

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Divorce is even harder on children.

Click clack, click clack, clickady clack.
Tap, tap, patter, patter, click, click.
“Next train on platform 9 will arrive shortly”
Ting, ting, ka-ching. ting, ting ka-ching.

“I told you to be here by 10. Not 10.30!”

Neon lights: red, yellow, green, and blue.
People rushing: this way and that, pushing, shoving, running.
Trains: thundering in, slowly pulling out.
Guards: walking, pacing, eating.

Parents: arguing, yelling, screaming, gesturing.

Smells. The air is full of them, all distinct.
Sweet smells, grease smells and potent smells.
Burgers, milkshakes, coffee and toilet cleaner.
I concentrate on smells to distract myself from the scene in front.

“It’s not my fault. You can never predict traffic. You can always catch another train.”

My sister clutching my arm tight.
Her fingers gripping my arm in fright.
Her head buried in my shoulder.
Her tears rolling down my arm.

A hand on my head. A hand on her head. Being pulled different directions.

Parents rowing at each other, arguing over who is in the right.
People staring, looking and judging.
They walk past, not wanting to get to close.
Another train rolls onwards, more people closing in, more people avoiding.

“They are coming with me. I think it is best if you go home.”

Click clack, click clack, clickady clack.
Tap, tap, patter, patter, click, click.
“Next train on platform 13 will arrive shortly”
Ting, ting, ka-ching. ting, ting ka-ching.

Two children walk off. Heads bent and hands held tight. Suitcases pulled behind.
A mother storming away in anger. A dad trying to hold his head high.

This is a distant memory for me now, but this was a frequent scene for my sister and myself every time my parents met at the drop off point.

There are many children who have parents who divorced each other. There are many parents who are civil to one another when there are children involved. There are those who let their bitterness and hatred of each other trickle out and make a spectacle for themselves. No matter what the post-marital experience, the children are always caught in the middle.

This story of marriage, divorce and even re-marriage is becoming more and more common amongst many children today. Many of them chose to ignore the situation. Many of them embrace it and take on the new direction their lives have turned onto. But there are some who blame themselves for their parents separation. My sister and I were lucky, we took the other option: turn to each other for support and try to think about everything else apart from the screaming match that was happening in from of us.


  • Divorce is never easy. Divorce is even harder on children. Children are always caught in the middle of fighting parents.

  • Many children from divorced families will in fact grow up and have happy, strong families of their own; or they may find themselves in the same predicament as their parents. But this time with a difference. They know how hard the situation can be on children.

  • Yet more often then not, many of these children from divorced parents will in fact grow up and will realise why their parents had to get a divorce. And will realise that unfortunately for some love doesn’t always last.

  • Divorce has become something that is so common on the playground, it is almost ignored.

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