Distraction or Necessary Diversion

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Freedigitalimages.netWhat is an excuse, what is actually necessary

Sometimes when unexpected events come into our life, we seem to be thrown “off-guard” by them. However, we need to ask whether these things are an unnecessary distraction, a necessary diversion or another meaningful cause. The other day, a friend of mine asked me to think of ways to campaign into animal rights - not just what we all know is wrong and are against - starving an animal; but also the way animals are treated so that we humans can eat them. For example, chickens are exposed to bright light conditions so they are more likely to breed, for human consumption, which decreases how likely they are to engage in their necessary activities. Therefore, away from writing, this is another meaningful cause.

I confess to addictive behaviour. Sometimes I get so obsessed with a particular activity that I get a ‘one-track mind’ and do not stop for equally important activities that seem more mundane to me, like cooking a healthy meal, or going for a walk, or maintaining what are wonderful relationships.

However, there are a few things which I guess could be classified as unnecessary distractions, such as checking my Facebook more often than I need to. I guess, once I feel I have become independent as a writer, I can feel more leisurely doing this, but I need to stay on track for some time; because this is important - especially in the early stages of writing, where persistence, persistence, persistence is the key.

However, sometimes I feel I should work, however, something is bothering me and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Often I will end up finding I really do need to do something, such as housework, to name a common chore we all procrastinate with; and this is not at all a diversion or a distraction - it is an obligation!

Do not make the mistake of engaging in your favourite or your ‘main work’ behaviour without thinking of other things that are needed as a little healthy distraction in moderation. Such may be a call to remind you this is not the ‘do all and end all’ - or what you need to think about, or detract you from a healthy, well-balance life.


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