Death is a Reminder of Life

Death is a Reminder of Life

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Brushes with illness and death, our own or those dear to us reminds us that life is fragile. Yet life is precious and ongoing. Those who are no longer here in body remain with us in heart.

When someone dies we reflect: that we have lost someone we love, and will no longer be able to share our lives with them; we remember that we too are mortal and hold fear that we might not have the time that we feel we would like on earth. We question our lives and the point of them. We cry, we laugh, and we feel sad and angry - yet death also reminds us that we are alive, right now, and to be glad for that and to love now, to live now. Death is a reminder of life.

In Memory of My Friend

Yesterday an amazing friend of mine died peacefully. She was one woman that was not afraid to live, and live life to the fullest with family; with friends; in adventure, and in business. Not only was she not afraid to live, she was able to share that inspiration; her special spark for living. She was able to share herself all the way till the end, and I am sure that I and all that knew her in life are better people for knowing her. I know she will live on in the hearts of her family and friends.

Live your Life Now

Life is for living. To live a life afraid of death is to not live at all. To not climb a mountain for fear of falling; to not swim in the ocean for fear of sharks; to not try something new because of a fear of failing, is not to be thankful for the life you have. As I hold the memory of my friend close to me (where it will remain) I remember that I am alive, and I hope I can take some inspiration from my amazing friend into the rest of my life to live it even more deeply; more openly; more passionately, and with more compassion and love than before.

Life is for living. Yes - eat well; move your body; breathe; love; connect; be; listen within and all around - that is to be thankful for life. Live like you appreciate life. Live from your heart. Live now. Live now with the wonderful memories of loved ones who are smiling down on you.

Death is something we all are on a journey towards; we just don’t know when it will happen to us. Use the knowledge of death to inspire you to live your life now, fully and deeply.


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