Dealing With Grief

Dealing With Grief

Posted 2014-10-27 by SJPfollow
Flowers are great to give someone who is dealing with grief

Grief is something we all have to deal with one day or another. Whether it is with losing someone in our life, a break up or just a big change that we least expect, we all deal with the grief in different ways.

It is ok to find support during this time. Many of us try to deal with it ourselves and mask our emotions, but sometimes this is not the answer. Do not be afraid to show how you are feeling as grief is a natural emotion.

There is nothing wrong with getting support during this time. Confide in your friends and family, as they can be a great support network. If you find that is not the best option for you, why not seek professional help such as seeing a counsellor. Do not ever be ashamed to speak to a professional as they can help you. This will also give you a chance to express your feelings in confidence, especially if you are a person that does not like to show their emotions in front of others. A professional may also give you ideas of how to deal.

Ensure that you take extra care of yourself while going through the stages of grief. Face your feelings and look after your physical health by getting enough sleep and eating well. Exercising will also help you during this time and make you feel more energetic when you may be feeling very low.

During this time you may also begin to wonder if you will ever be happy again. It takes time to get over any type of grief, but it is important to understand that one person may take longer than another. You may have feelings of denial and anger, however there will be a time of acceptance when it feels right for you.

Don’t rush and deal with your emotions that best suit you. Remember that everyone goes through these emotions at one point of their life or another, so always remember you are not alone.


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