Dating Younger Men

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Have you ever dated a younger man?

Dating a younger man can be a challenge but sometimes a very nice learning experience. So what would be your pro's and con's? Pro's, they have a lot of stamina and are fun and like to go out. Con's they don't understand intimacy and sometimes responsibility.

If you are a woman 30 you know work and finances are very important and 1st if you have no children. If there are children involved that is a whole other chapter. But assuming there are none dating a young guy may throw your regular schedule off point.

From experience the men 20-25 in today's day are listening to Electronic dance music, living at home and are going to Coachella like events. Of course they work, part-time mostly. And well they can be great lovers but why do you do with that? He can be great looking and fun but is that husband quality, likely not. How long will you have to wait for the man traits to kick in? Do want to put in the time with an uncertain outcome? But then again as a 30 year old woman you may be doing that anyway with an older man you just started dating.

What do you think is the better choice?

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