Dating Detox Week 7

Dating Detox Week 7

Posted 2014-02-19 by emkatefollow

We dream and envisage what we aspire to be. As children we are taught to always follow our dreams and not give up. That sadly changes when we grow up and get told to be realistic.

Since I was a little girl; I was labelled the boy crazy child. I always wanted a guy best friend who I could have my fairytale with. Being the youngest by a decade; this a major influence from my siblings and how they have transpired from then to now that made me think about my dreams, and on what I have envisaged for myself.

My sister is my keeper whereas my brother is my advice giver and confidante. Yesterday he came over with his little girl. I see in her my brother, and how much she adores him. The flashbacks made me realise how glad I am to stick to my gut feelings.

In life, we choose to write our own story and all the events that happen make the plot to this story which is never ending. Part of my heart wants to start dating again, but part of my head is telling me to take a chance.

Here's the catch; My Dyspraxia is telling me to wait until my heart is fully ready to let someone in. I know it's hard when my thought process is faulty, but is my Dyspraxia my saving grace?

We can dream, but is it really a dream or a vision?


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