Dating Detox Week 4

Dating Detox Week 4

Posted 2014-02-12 by emkatefollow

Week 4. These last seven days have been the weirdest and the most gut-wrenching of them all. The value of truth has become apparent in my mind. It’s made me realise how I need to look at myself and my perception of the world.

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As a writer, the amount of psychical drain that comes with writing false endings and expectations with telling a story is ridiculous. The readers however see these words in a different light.

Maybe I need to expand my horizons and learn to ignore these false endings and high expectations.

For the facts comes the truth. Our lives are a chapter is part of a novella called Generation Y, while my detox is the reference list on the end of the scribbled page.

We don’t protect ourselves from our weaknesses. In this weakness, we will face a pivotal moment where our nervous system will crash due to intertwining fear and anxiety.

My mindset is a mess. The only way I can describe my mental state of emotion is my Facebook status.
After today I realise that we always have to strive for goodness and purity in our lives; otherwise we can fall into a black abyss that shall corrupt us into a state of unrest and uncertainty.

The truth is the perfect man can’t exist. We as a society prefers appearance over intelligence. I do blame our media influences, and as a girl the one biggest reason is Disney.

All the princesses are beauty, and the guys are these prince charming's who are just bimbos. This is ethically and morally incorrect. I do love Disney, but I’m unsure of why they create a false perception.


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