Dating Detox Week 3

Dating Detox Week 3

Posted 2014-01-14 by emkatefollow

Temptation and Confusion; the two biggest weaknesses to any human mind. The agony it can cause is brutal and harsh but it can also serve as a lesson learnt. Week 3 is a week of confessions.

This week has been so difficult to wrap my thoughts around. I found out that the lady who had the stroke survived and is better than ever. I got a gorgeous four page thank you letter. She told me that

Everything happens for a reason. My advice to you is to be 21. You’re smart and beautiful inside and out. You saved my life Emily. I will never thank you enough.

This broke my heart and it scared me. I’ve spent all week tempted to know what boys thought of me so I joined and you know what? There’s no feelings of guilt. Confusion is another story,

I’m a curvy size 10 not toned but curvy where needed and I’ve been told to get liposuction and lose weight. These vices are influencing my actions. Should it though? I mean I'm comfortable with a figure but now I can't focus my insides are a mess. The human mind is only as strong as it’s weakest flaw.

I guess mine was never physical but it’s my internal feelings.

Internal weakness of the mind and the heart. This may make sense. Mr Nerdy fitness is starting to change his attitude towards me. He’s becoming more more flirty but distant. Normally I’ll convert my actions to keep someone close so I don't break but I didn’t this time. I stood my ground.

A win for myself I think…?

So week three has been my biggest blunder and triumph if you will…

Explains my desire of a quill tattoo.. since we are our own authors.


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