Dating Detox Week 2

Dating Detox Week 2

Posted 2014-01-11 by emkatefollow

As I walk down this road, the importance of life is clinging on to my soul and wrenching my indecisiveness of doubt fingering confusion. Week 2 (for me) has happened to be the saddest week yet.

I’ve been thinking about loss and how it can impact us; even in the simplest things.

Mr Nerdy fitness is starting to lose my respect after today’s texting session. We’re meant to be hanging when I get a text saying there is someone else he’s started seeing but he’s still single. This after he has stated that I am the person he’s looking for. Week 2, and already Nana's wisdom of I told you so is still ringing in my ears.

I know I shouldn't derail this for someone. It's silly and unwise to do so.

Loss can always teach us something about ourselves, and yet we never learn from those lessons, so we really just keep on losing out on important virtues and hints because we are so selfish and self-centred.

The objective of this came after I had to save someone from a stroke at my retail job. The pain I had watch this mature lady fight and suffer through broke me. Every ounce of psychical and mental strength was used to hold back my emotions. Despite all this she told me to.

Hold on sweetheart, you will be fine. Don’t worry about the little things.

Is this my saving grace? Maybe I decide on this detox to save myself, but from what? That's the weird thing. For once I don't know what I'm saving myself from.


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