Dating Detox Week 1

Dating Detox Week 1

Posted 2014-01-11 by emkatefollow

The first seven days of anything are the most difficult. I have spent the last seven days celebrating and accomplishing things that I couldn't comprehend would happen then New Years Eve came around. Oops.

Everyone has that moment of weakness that derails self improvement. This Christmas and week was if not the best week since I hit the big 18. The realisation that the little things don’t matter anymore was the biggest suprise. Over Christmas; I ate as much as I wanted, dressed how I wanted and was comfortable with myself.

The gratefulness for everyday and being blessed with so much support from friends and family is a positive light during what was a horrible 2013 for me.

Who knew a 86 year old lady could predict her own granddaughters News Years Eve and first self confusion for 2014? Thanks Nana; your years of wisdom are an amazing gift of advice intertwined into a basket of love and respect which proved once again right;

"Every challenge has the strongest start but
there will be the one stump which will distract
you; in the end they’ll be the best vice."

December 31st; the best excuse to let your hair down and fall in love for the night. The one night of the year where we plan self improvements but they never come to light. This New Year; I had a 21st;

Normally I’m shy around new people; however one boy came over to say hello and introduce himself as Nerdy Fitness.

Yes I know; no dating or seeing anyone but he was so charming and smart. My mind went blank and my heart raced. Could I really derail my mental strength to fall in love for a night?

We as humans are only as strong as our weakest asset. So could I give into this weakness of wanting to be loved but to only have self loathing and anger the next day?

This is ironic.

I chose to do this detox not to find someone but find myself and improve myself especially when I have a portfoilo to send to Oxford University.


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