Crying Hissy Fit

Crying Hissy Fit

Posted 2013-11-25 by Mina Keenanfollow

Was crying when partner walked in.

What's the matter?
Everyone's a bastard.
Right. They are too.
Even the things that ain't people is bastards.

He's walking around.

I relay how nothing went right today. Could not draw, write, work. Burnt myself twice on the stupid oven. My stupid clothes don't fit.

I can hear him giggling in the background.

Slipped on the stupid step. Stupid washing not done. Too stupid. A stupidly bastardy day. A bastardy stupid day.

I think I get it - you've not heard from the kids for a while.

Yeeesssss! And I miss my Mum and Dad. And you're laughing at meeee. (Wail).

In all my moaning, I've missed that he's run a bath for me. There's a tray with a cuppa on it. And the phone.

Fix it, he says. Pick up the phone.
Right, I say. And I do.

Hello darling! How are you? How are those babies? Oh yes! I'm fine, really good... bla de bla bla bla.

Can hear him giggling again, and I start to giggle too. He loves Shortbread - making him two batches tomorrow.

Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Is allowed. It works for me. Having a good old moan in the presence of someone safe - who won't think you're a raving lunatic. Someone who knows you. Crying is good.

You can do little things to lift the mood

  • Pampering. Leisurely bath with candles. Romance yourself. You deserve it.
  • Do your nails. If you're going to be mess, look good doing it.
  • Small treat - get that magazine you didn't buy with the shopping last week. Glass of wine.

  • Lessons from this story

  • Sometimes you can't see an easy fix for something that's bothering you.
  • Let a significant other help you (boss you about). Trust someone.
  • Recognise kind actions from others. Acknowledge them.
  • Can you fix the problem? Is it in your control? Can you make it better? Can you look at it from another view?
  • Sometimes you just need someone to acknowledge how you're feeling.

  • Image: "Frustrated 17/52" by M Yashna is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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