Create a things that soothe me box

Create a things that soothe me box

Posted 2013-12-30 by SupahAnniefollow
Not your average emergency kit, this one is for when you are sad.

Its fun, doesnt cost a lot and its easy to make. Its a simple idea that has the power to instantly cheer you up. Image source

This idea was introduced to me by a friend of mine who is a Psychologist. He told me about the idea over three years ago yet I still remember it. It sticks in my brain because it is simple to do and extremely handy to have around whenever you need it. I like the idea because it's personal to you and only you, it's creative and you decide what it looks like and what goes into it. It's all yours, a keep safe, a thing you create for you to keep forever.

So what is it?

It's a container full of things you collect. The idea is to gather together things that soothe and comfort you. Things that make you feel good, cheer you up, remind you of happy memories or make you laugh. You don't need to buy new things, they don't have to even be in a good condition they are probably all around you this is just about putting them together.

How do I start one?

The first step is to decide what you would like to include in the box. Look around your house, through photo albums, the garage or perhaps even at your parents house. Write a list and/or gather the things as you think of them.

Think about some great memories you have, a favourite location, childhood toys, a great holiday you went on and about those that you love. What thing never fails to cheer you up?

What's the deal with the box?

Once you have gathered your collection you need to store it all in a box, storage container, bag, suitcase or basket that has a lid or a cover. You want to try and keep the dust off your special things and have a container that is easy to clean.

Be sure to make it sturdy as this is to keep for a long time. The size will depend upon the size of the things you wish to include in the box. This is why I have suggested you decide upon the contents first.

The shape, size and colour and design of the box is up to you. It's your special container. You can buy a container that you like or make your own there is no right or wrong way, it's entirely up to you.

Below are some ideas on how to personalise your box/container:

1) Use pictures from magazines, photos, old cards or stickers to make a fun collage all over it.

2) Print out your favourite quotes, sayings or movie lines and glue them onto your box.

3) Paint your box with your favourite colour and add some dots or swirly lines also.

4) Wrap it up using some really nice gift wrap, even $2 shops sell these.

5) Cover it with a beautiful bow or a pretty fake flower.

6) Use paints, textas or markers to label your box with your name and a polite reminder to others to keep out.

7) Glue on fabric, ribbon or felt in colours and textures that you like. (I know someone who covered theirs in fake fur so she could pat it and because it felt soft.)

Here are some ideas on what you could add to your collection:

- Photos
- childhood toys, soft toys, your old teddy bear
- souvenirs
- music that you like
- your favourite perfume
- lyrics of a favourite song
- A poem
- Favourite book
- favourite storybook as a child
- favourite movie
- Favourite tv show box set
-favourite foods
- pictures of things you are interested in
- letters
- heirlooms
- A soft blanket
- some cosy slippers

Don't forget the most important thing:

Remember to only add things that make you feel good or remind you of a happy memory. Something that brings a smile to your face, that reminds you of the good things in life. Things that make you feel warm, fuzzy and safe.

Over time you may add things, remove things, move things around or even change the container but as long as it's always there in its spot. Put a lock on it if need be. Treasure it, it's all yours.

When do I use the box and why do I need it?

Whenever you feel sick, upset, lonely or low at all you can simply pull out this special box and all the things that can help you are right there at your fingertips. Ready to go anytime without having to locate things or mess about. It's perfect you don't even need to leave the house. It requires little effort which is great at those times when motivation and energy are lacking.

It's cheap and easy yet I find it a fantastic idea. It isn't a cure to your problems but it can help shift your mindset and remind you of the positive aspects of your life.

So go on, start organising your 'Things that soothe me' box today. You never know when you might need it and even if you only use it a couple of times it's worth it and it's really fun to create.

Let's share ideas and inspire others by leaving a comment.
What would you add to your box and why? What things soothe you?


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