Create a Not to Do List

Create a Not to Do List

Posted 2014-07-27 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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We’re all so busy creating ‘To Do’ lists, trying to fit as many meaningful tasks as we can into each day. But have you ever considered creating a ‘not to do’ list?

While it’s a nice feeling to be able to cross things off your list once you’ve accomplished them, imagine how great it would be to cross off all the stuff you really don’t need to do – Hmm?

Below are some examples of what you might include in your ‘not to do’ list:

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- Cook a ‘meat & three veg’ meal every day. (Sometimes it’s ok to have beans on toast.)

- Visit your parents every weekend.

- Feed your kids’ friends, partner’s friends and other sundry visitors every time they come over. (They might just come to expect it every time.)

- Spend time and money on getting your hair coloured / permed / straightened. (Consider choosing a short style and learn to like your natural colour.)

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- Feel guilty about sleeping in on your day off or spending it curled up with a book. (Everyone needs down-time to re-charge their batteries.)

- Buy gifts for people just because they bought you one. (A sincere thank you should be enough. If they don’t like it they won’t buy you one next year, and those who truly matter will understand.)

- Send birthday cards. (A quick call, text or e-mail is more personalized and much cheaper than a mass-produced square of cardboard expressing someone else’s sentiments.)

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- Allow yourself to be influenced by advertising - any kind of advertising, whether it’s for the latest diet (you already know what you should and shouldn't eat,) exercise machine (walking is free,) fast food (beans on toast is faster – and cheaper,) or cartoon character disposable nappies that tell you when they need to be changed (seriously?)

Advertising exists to benefit the seller – not the buyer. You already know without turning on the TV what you need or want to purchase with your hard earned money.

I'm sure we can think of lots more things to add to our Not-To-Do list, and just imagine how much happier we will be when we accomplish them all .


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