Could Decluttering Discourage Creativity

Could Decluttering Discourage Creativity

Posted 2020-01-12 by Marie Vonowfollow
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I believe in decluttering. I have done quite a bit of decluttering over the past few years and have written articles on the topic. However, I can see it can become a compulsion or obsession for some people which may have some negative results. I also wonder if a disadvantage of decluttering could be the possibility of it discouraging creativity.

But many claim decluttering makes one more creative
I have read plenty of claims that getting rid of unnecessary items leads to greater creativity. Many say they are more creative once they don't feel overwhelmed by clutter. For example it may be easier to sew once you can easily find the essentials for your hobby. The same goes for any other creative activity.

Claims a messy environment encourages creativity
I have read claims that some people are more creative in a somewhat messy room. It is said that being able to see different materials needed for their hobby can spark inspiration.

I wonder if personality is a factor in whether an individual is more creative in a tidy decluttered setting or in an environment where there is some mess.

You have done a major declutter, do you feel keen to start a new hobby?
I wonder if some people who are pleased with their decluttering efforts decide not to take up a new hobby because it requires equipment and materials they feel could become clutter. They may feel there would be a temptation to accumulate too much stuff for the hobby and end up back where they were before they decluttered.

A hobby can bring happiness
Many years ago I enjoyed making some of my own clothes. I did simple embroidery on a few items. I used fabric crayons to draw owls, my favourite bird, on a smock top I had made. Later I went through a phase of collecting interesting buttons to add interest to my clothes.

I particularly enjoyed expressing myself by stencilling or printing designs on some of my creations. Over time I built up a collection of stencils, different colours and types of fabric paint and brushes and sponges.

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Hesitation about starting a hobby
Last year I was thinking about returning to making and decorating some of my own clothes but decided I had enough clothes and shouldn't clutter up my wardrobe with additional items.

If I started decorating fabric to make into clothes or if I embellished ready made clothes I would need to buy fabric paints, fabric pens and other supplies. This means I would be buying things that weren't essential, something I have been trying to avoid. Last year I set myself a six month shopping ban challenge and still want to avoid buying lots of stuff I don't need. I am trying to avoid both unnecessary purchases and collecting clutter.

The joy of being creative
However, hobbies are good for one read more and I love to be creative.

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Yes, creative writing is one way to express myself and it doesn't require lots of equipment. I borrow research materials from the library and mostly use my laptop for writing.

In spite of already having a way to be creative, a way that doesn't involve purchasing items I can live without and accumulating stuff, I find I yearn to be more creative. I want to express myself in a way that is different from writing. The interesting thing is that writers often find being creative in a form different from using words actually inspires their writing.

Being in charge of decluttering rather than it ruling your life
I believe decluttering needs to be something that improves one's life rather than something that imposes limitations. The 'rules' developed by someone else may be helpful but will not suit everyone, decluttering is a personal decision .

Yes, I have decided to be creative with fabric, paint, stencils and the like. I have bought a few supplies and am ready to start expressing myself on fabric as well as through the use of words.


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