Coping With Change

Coping With Change

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Change, especially big changes can be stressful. It is normal to feel nervous about major life changes. However, if you are really freaking out and feel it is more than normal stress, talk to a counsellor or doctor.

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Here are a few general suggestions for managing times of change-
  • Think back to changes you have been through. You survived, didn’t you? You will survive further change.

  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Being tired makes it harder to cope with any form of stress.

  • Eat regular meals. Eat a balanced diet. An inadequate diet makes it harder to manage stress.

  • Go for a walk or get another form of exercise. A walk can be a good time to think the situation over.

  • Talk to family and friends who are understanding about your feelings

  • Have a chat to family members or friends who understand that you are feeling unsure and stressed Image courtesy of Pixabay

    Specific tips for coping with change-
  • Get reliable information to help you adapt. The information you need depends on what the change is, whether it's a new job, retirement, moving to a different city or transferring overseas. However, don't overload and confuse yourself with too much information. (This is a reminder to myself.)

  • Make lists of questions, things to do and relevant dates. Have a plan and don't leave things to the last minute. Enlist the help of others if relevant.

  • Talk to people who have experience of the change you are going through. Ask for advice and tips.

  • Avoid making unnecessary additional changes at the same time if you are already feeling stressed.

  • Remind yourself, sometimes even when you don't want a particular change, it may work out well in the end.

  • Life is full of changes. People often feel unsettled for a period of time before and after making a major change. In time one should feel more settled again and adapt to the new circumstances.


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