Coincidences The Universes Fun Time

Coincidences The Universes Fun Time

Posted 2014-04-15 by Artfollow
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Sometimes life has some coincidences that we are happy about. Meeting a friend at a restaurant, bumping into a special someone and things like that. But there these coincidences that simply get on your nerve. This time am sure you too would wonder just like me as to how is it that these things happen. I guess it's just the universe having its bit of fun watching us.

  • Just when you take your car for a nice wash and drive out of the place, boom, there comes the rain making you feel like a complete idiot.

  • When your hands are busy doing something like making dough (now what did you think ), your nose begins to itch. And no matter what, you have to stop doing what you are doing and attend to it for it to stop.

  • You buy your favourite appliance/furniture/shirt or just about anything after contemplating for a long time and make your way home happily just to see a sign board in a different shop which advertises to give that same appliance for simply half the price.

  • You go to the shop ,put all your stuff in the trolley and go to the billing section just to realise you haven't brought your wallet.

  • You wear a wonderful shirt to office feeling happy and confident and then see someone you don't love so much wearing the exact same shirt.

  • With lot of effort you wear your eye liner and get ready to go for a party and you sneeze and smudge the eyeliner and land up doing it all over again.

  • You finish all your work and sit down to have a meal and that is exactly when you will hear your little one cry cry cry and cry.

  • You meticulously carry your umbrella everyday to work and that one day your forget. Guess what; it pours cats and dogs.

  • Of all the days you leave home, only when you have something important like an interview or meet someone for a date you will find your car tyre flat or miss the train.

  • And the biggest of all these for me is when I change lanes driving or stand in a different queue at a counter, the counter or lane I am in slows down and the one that I was originally in begins to move faster.

  • We all most often look up and give a frustrated look at the sky like it is simply not our fault.Situations like these will happen no matter how much we plan and I think this is also one of the way for life to stay interesting.

    The fun that the universe has sometimes, I tell ya:)

    Universe it's time we catch up for a cuppa. Need to speak to you about few things .


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