Choosing Your Community

Choosing Your Community

Posted 2014-09-18 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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When we’re considering a move to a new town or suburb, or even to a new job, there are lots of things to investigate before a decision is made. There’s the affordability, the commuting distance and the local amenities, to name a few.

But there is another thing that we need to consider very carefully - the community itself. It’s great to find the perfect house or even an attractive street, but we don’t always think to check out the community that we are moving into.

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I know someone who moved into a small country town because it was affordable and within easy commuting distance of work. But she soon discovered that the culture of the town was very different than what she had been used to. There was little opportunity for her to connect with her community in ways that interested her and she felt very isolated.

So it’s just as important to investigate the culture of a community as it is to choose the right house.

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Are you a sporting person? Check out what facilities are available.

Do you like the arts? Look for a community with a gallery or art group.

Do you have young children? Look for a young community with activities for kids.

Retiring? Look for a community with facilities and activities for seniors.

History buff? Look for an area with an interesting past.

Do you prefer the beach, the country, the city or the suburbs? A colder climate or a warmer one?

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Visit local cafes or the local pub, do some internet research, or chat with the neighbours. Find out what your new area has to offer.

Your new community needs to be a good ‘fit’ for you, your family and your lifestyle. Don’t make a decision until you've checked it out.


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