Choosing An Agent To Sell My House

Choosing An Agent To Sell My House

Posted 2019-04-27 by Marie Vonowfollow
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A few months ago I sold my house and moved to a new home. I had gone through this process before and knew that although there would be stress involved I would survive because I had before. Soon after first thinking about selling I received an invitation to get a free house valuation.

Although I wasn't certain I would go ahead and sell I took up the offer. It seemed wise to get an idea of how much I could realistically expect to get for my house before making a final decision to either sell up or stay put..

I was very impressed with the agent who did the valuation. He seemed to know his business well, had good local knowledge, brought brochures with him and answered my questions. I felt I could trust him. He understood I wasn't certain I would sell but said he would keep in touch. Soon after he sent a written valuation and list of costs involved.

This agent contacted me a couple of times in the ensuing months to see how things were going. He was always polite and helpful.

In due course I made the decision to sell. The usual advice when engaging the services of an agent and the like is to get three quotes/valuations. I was tempted not to bother getting further valuations as I had no doubts the agent I had consulted would do a good job. However, in the end I got two further valuations and decided to go with a husband and wife team who really seemed to understand my needs.

I contacted the other two agents to say I had chosen another real estate company. Yes, I felt somewhat awkward informing the original agent who had been helpful and would probably have provided a good service. In the end my decision was made based on a gut feeling and just feeling a somewhat better rapport with the agents I chose.

I was happy with my choice of agents and the house sold quickly.

Reasons I was happy with the agents
The agents -
  • worked as a team so one of them was available whenever I wanted advice or support
  • understood my budget and personal needs
  • were thorough in explaining all costs involved and I didn't have to pay any expenses until settlement
  • discussed reasons for getting professional photos done and recommended an excellent photographer whose costs fit my budget
  • gave realistic advice about
  • Getting Your Home Ready To Sell
  • answered my many questions and took all questions seriously
  • took the time to carefully explain everything I signed
  • held weekly open inspections and brought interested parties through the house at other times
  • understood I loved my house and made nice comments about it
  • sold my house in less than a month
  • negotiated with the buyer to get me a better price
  • gave me a lovely card and box of chocolates upon settlement

  • The process of selling my house was made easier by having agents I felt I could trust and who had that 'personal touch'. I was glad I got three quotes and followed my gut feeling. Quite possibly the first agent would have done a good job too, I will never know. However, I was very happy with the outcome and am not one to wonder if things would have gone even better if I had made a different decision.


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