Choice or Chance Its Up To You

Choice or Chance Its Up To You

Posted 2013-12-12 by Lindsey Leighfollow

Do you believe everything happens for a reason or are you an “I make my own destiny” sort of person?

The beauty of this is it’s impossible to know for sure which is actually right, so as human beings we gravitate towards the one we think we have the most evidence for in our experience. However, the evidence is subjective to which belief we like the best and nothing more, which brings us back to it’s impossible to know which is the correct answer.

Regardless what you believe, there is one major difference between the two points of view- the people who believe them.

When you examine the people who believe their life is the sum of their choices you will find a strong, determined and focused type of person who is driven to achieve great results in their lives.

They are almost always successful in everything they do and let nothing hold them down. These are your glass half full sort of people.

Those who choose to believe that everything happens for a reason are usually the more laid back, go with the flow type of people. They don’t play a major role in what happens in their life because “what will happen, will happen”. These people are usually happy with less and when things aren’t working in their favour, they are the ones that begin to feel helpless.

Which person would you rather be? If belief is as easy as a choice, why would you leave your life up to chance? Take hold of the belief which is going to serve you and live the life you want!

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