Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Posted 2014-04-05 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of Gualberto107 Immense benefits. Its all cool.

Yum, those heavenly . They serve a multitude of purposes. Pity you can only buy some of them at Easter time though.

There are many benefits to consuming one or more . Note: everything in moderation is key.

Such benefits include, and are not limited to the following:

  • Any excuse to boost your level of happiness. Isn't chocolate the universal mood lifter? Absolutely. Again, in moderation.

  • To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is why are designed to be consumed on Easter Sunday. In saying this, there are times we consume such yummy goodness beforehand. Now wonder why Pavlov's dog kept salivating.

  • A yummy way to comfort yourself after any obstacle, bad news or setback. Chocolate is wonderful after a relationship break-up, or if you've lost your job to name. No different to . I do not wish such misfortunes onto anyone. Unfortunately, problems, challenges and setbacks can and do reign on our parades. Thank chocolate for bringing back some happiness to us.

  • A wonderful treat to buy in abundance and gift them to your friends, work colleagues and family members to name.

  • A perfect excuse to treat your kids. Even better, plan an Easter egg hunt. Make them hunt for their chocolate...that way they'll appreciate their more. It works for adults from personal experience...make them walk for their chocolate, and they'll appreciate it even more.

  • Provides social bonding on Easter Sunday / at Easter time. Come around to a guests place with some , and the host will be as pleased as punch to see you.

  • Enjoy as a mini-self indulgent treat to reward yourself for your hard work and efforts.

  • A perfect reason to exercise. Body Attack, come to me again please. A great reason to move that butt to burn off all of that chocolate after your sheer enjoyment. Who knows, a consistent exercise routine will mount from such initiatives.

  • For me and other writers (sometimes) serve as some much valuable fuel for energy to burn in yet writing another article for your enjoyment.

  • No guilt please, only if consumed in excess. Listen to your body. Consuming at this time of year can reap benefits when consumed sensibly.

    If you come across any other benefits when it comes to consuming , please let us know.


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