Change For You No One Else

Change For You No One Else

Posted 2014-02-06 by Sarah Psihogiosfollow

Recently, I've had a massive wake up call regarding my health. Genetics, in fact. I had a blood test done about three weeks ago to make sure everything in my system was alright. I got a call back from my doctor to come in and have a chat to him. Nervous as hell, I sat there with my eyes wide and breathing deeply. As mellow dramatic as it sounds, I was expecting the worst. My doctor explained everything is fine in my body except my Cholesterol. Which was at a 7. Average for a human is 5.5.

Luckily, he said "Thank God you're only twenty. If you were any older, you'd be on pills for the rest of your life." My heart began to pump harder and I felt a drop of sweat from beginning to trickle down my forehead. I looked at my doctor and said "I need to diet, don't I?" He said "Well, yes. This could kill you if it gets worse." He went on to explain the anatomy of how it could increase a heart attacks and do serious damage to my system. Finally he said "I'm surprised you have high cholesterol. Does anyone else in your family have it?"
"I'm not sure...Why, do you think it's genetics?"
"Possibly. Because you're clearly not over weight."
I was measured for height, and it came to 160.4 cm. I stepped on the scale, my weight was 64.6 kg. My doctor turned to me, "I'd advise you lose at least three kilos. Just so you know, you don't have to."
"I know, but it would probably help my issue."

After the doctors, I put a leash over my temptation to have a biscuit or piece of chocolate for a minor snack, it was replaced it with fruit. Instead of having white bread, I'd have whole meal. My diet went from average to restraining myself from everything I took advantage of inserting in my system. It's been a week and a half since the results and I'm now 62.6 kg. Two kilos, gone. Why? Because I wanted to shed that weight off myself. I was repulsed that I let my body suffer the consequences and put my own life at risk. I pushed so hard to drop that weight by exercising as much as possible as well as having good eating habits.

If I did the work just because my doctor told me so, I wouldn't have worked so hard like I have the last week and a half and how I will in future too. I kept telling myself everyday "I don't want to die." And I continue to push my physical limits just so in the future when I get blood tests they have no issue with my cholesterol.
If you're sick of being teased and mocked for how you dress, unless you're sick of it, don't change who you are to keep someone else happy. If you like your lifestyle, only you have the power and motivation to change it. Yes, they will be unsatisfied people who will complain about how you do things. But in the end, it's your life, your choice. Not theirs.


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