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When you read the title you may have thought it crazy to suggest decluttering, which can take lots of effort, is a way to take care of yourself. However, getting rid of clutter will make life simpler and less work in the long term so it is worth it. Lots of clutter in the house, shed or garden can be a tripping hazard so again parting with clutter is a way of looking after yourself.

Clutter that you keep putting off dealing with can be bad for your mental health too. It can make you feel agitated or depressed.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be done all at once. I have read a few suggestions for making the task easier including-
  • part with one object each day for a year
  • clean out one drawer at a time
  • pick up just 5 things and decide what to do with each one
  • declutter for 10 minutes each day

  • I find decluttering one drawer at a time works best for me. If I am inspired after doing that first drawer I will move on to do the second and maybe a third drawer. It depends on my energy level and how much stuff is in each drawer.

    One person’s loved possessions would be another person’s clutter so it’s a very personal matter. Some people keep just the bare minimum of items.

    Others, like me, love to have some decorative items around. For example, I have more vases than many people would want but I do love to have flowers in various places throughout my home. To me, flowers in a vase help make a house a home.

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    I find it can be tempting to accumulate clutter again. I go to the shops and see ‘3 for $10’ when I only need one of the items. However one costs $4 and the thought of making a saving is tempting. After all I will eventually use all 3. Probably.

    I go to an op shop and there are so many bargains, and they are such pretty things. Or things that might be useful one day.

    Usually I stay strong because I really am happier when I can find what I am looking for and when I can keep track of my belongings.
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