Cant Help Them

Cant Help Them

Posted 2017-03-28 by Mina Keenanfollow

Most of us like to think we want to, and can help other people but some people just cannot be helped.

Question Why?
Answer They 'waste' the help.

Some typical examples
  • They don't pay back money like they said they would. They avoid you or ask for more.

  • You are asked a favour of and fulfill it. You are then expected to repeat it over and over. You might then get asked to do a whole lot of other stuff.

  • You do something for someone because they need you yet are not there for you.

  • This can really hurt the giver because this kind of exchange mostly only happens between friends and family.

    There is a trust thing going on, so often there are no contracts regarding property, goods or money.

    If you want to help people, that's a good thing. If they abuse it, it's not.

    Random acts of kindness are good things, as long as you don't become the easy touch, doormat kind of person.

    Don't be the one who buys friendship... its too expensive.

    One chance is enough, methinks.


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