Burning Up Cellulite

Burning Up Cellulite

Posted 2014-02-23 by amilafollow

You shouldn't stop yourself from making a trip to the beach just because you are self conscious of your body - and all thanks to the other woman's curse : Cellulite. While men are more leaner; women are programmed to carry more fat in case we need to support the growth of a baby.

Cellulite affects women of all ages, and all body types with studies showing that 95 per cent of women over 20 have it and hate it. It becomes more pronounced with age and hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause and weight gain.

However a slight tweak to your lifestyle might help with reducing its appearance.

Eat a Rainbow Diet: Foods such as purple grapes and green broccoli contain a wide variety of different nutrients that help your skin and body to achieve maximum health and vitality.

Mix up your movement: Exercise is an effective way to reduce body fat. It is important to mix your work out by including aerobic (e.g. jogging) and anaerobic (e.g. sprinting) activities.

Stay in Touch: Gently massaging areas of cellulite using circular and kneading movements can boost blood flow; improve drainage of the lymph nodes, and help reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.

Hit in H2O: Drinking water may help to speed fat loss by increasing the rate at which you burn kilojoules. When you are well hydrated, your blood flows much easily, and your tissues are filled with healthy fluid that gives your skin a healthy glow.

Stress Less: Stress can lead to the release of adrenal chemicals like cortisol which encourages the body to store more fat. According to research, women who are stressed are more likely to gain weight around their belly and thighs in particular. That's a good reason to relax for some time everyday.


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