Breakdown To Breakthrough

Breakdown To Breakthrough

Posted 2014-01-10 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Have you ever felt like just falling into a hopeless heap on the floor and forgetting about everything you have to do? It's in these moments that you can sometimes find the most clarity.

When everything seems to be a bit overwhelming, you can't keep up and just want to stop and recoup. Stop. And recoup! I think that your mind and body let you know when you are on overload, and you need to reboot. By packing it all in, even if it's just for a few moments you can suddenly see everything from a different perspective.

If you imagine tossing aside all of the little bits and pieces that niggle and nag at you each day and focus on what is most important you can find a way out of your break down. Think of what you just could not live without in comparison to the things you could probably do with out, but have convinced yourself you need. Look at the bigger picture. Think big. And think of what serves a purpose in your life.

I think that during a breakdown our minds tend to go into survival mode, which actually helps to simplify everything. So, it's not really a bad thing to fall apart. However you had built yourself up was not working too well, so it's okay to come tumbling down and then rebuild. This time you would have learned a few lessons and could build a stronger foundation for yourself.

Let go of your umbrella, stop worrying about every single rain drop or getting wet and dance in the rain a little. Get back to basics and remember how pleasant the simple things can be.

And as Yoko said to John, 'Breathe.'


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