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Do you ever have those moments where people are barking at you for no reason? Seems like an old mopey dog barking at the door bell when nobody's actually there?

The problem with certain people is, people need to learn to have social boundaries to certain situations that don't concern them. If you're having someone constantly yanking your chain about something that is none of their business; instead of cracking it and using every swear word in the book, it's better to try to calm yourself and say "Look, I appreciate your advice. But I can handle myself for the moment. If I need your help, I will ask for it." If this doesn't work, it's better to let the dog bark, and it's your best move to walk away and find a place where they can't deafen you with invasive requests.

If you're possibly over stepping someone else's boundary; the best way to know is if the person is giving you blunt answers, lowers their tone of voice and has a restricted body language towards you unless you've made them aggressive. The best way to not provoke people to just to simply leave them alone. Not every person in the world feels like elaborating off their deepest darkest feelings. Some people would rather be left alone with their thoughts and talk later.


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