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There is always going to be a time when you need to get something of your chest.
When you need to tell someone something that has been eating away at you but you don’t know how to phrase it.

Normally you keep quiet as you don’t want to upset the other person and you don’t want to start a fight.
But more often than not keeping quiet doesn’t help it, only escalates the situation.

By keeping quiet on one matter you then start keeping quiet on other matters too.
Matters that really start to niggle at you and you can’t seem to move past them.
They consume your thoughts till they are all you can think about.

You start having mental arguments with yourself trying to work out your issues.
Pretending that what has been eating away at you is more about what’s wrong with you then the person your actually mad at.

However by keeping all this stuff bottled up inside you isn’t healthy.
It emotionally drags you down till you seem depressed and upset and the person who you are really mad at starts noticing that there is something wrong with you.

But by this time the first incident that you were originally mad at has long since past and you seem stupid bringing it up now.

So you don’t say anything. You keep quite again.
And even more stuff starts building up inside of you that you can’t help but feel trapped within your own body.

You feel like your suppressed emotions are physically choking you.
That if you don’t say something/anything soon then you feel like you will burst.

But by this time you can’t fit anymore emotional turmoil in that you just want to yell.
Yell at the person that has made you this mad.
Yell at yourself for not saying something sooner.
Or just to yell because your that emotionally bottlenecked that you can’t say anything at all.

But the braking point is when you just feel so overwhelmed that you just want to cry.
You just want to cry and let it all out but you have left it to the point where you seem to emotionally drained that even crying want relieve your issues.

Then it comes the point where all you have left to do is talk and get everything that has been building up inside you off your chest.
Even if it sounds stupid now, considering that the issues have long since past.
But after you have talked, talked through every little thing that has been bugging you feel like a wave of relief has washed over you.

This relief is what you’ve been waiting for.
This sense of a weight being lifted from your shoulders is refreshing.
Even the person you are mad doesn’t seem that bad any more.
Everything feels better as your no longer being emotionally choked by your emotions anymore.

The thing to remember is that no matter how stupid an issue may be, it’s not worth the emotional torment you’ll put yourself through trying to work it out on your own.
If your annoyed at someone of at something it is always better to talk about it.
That way if you talk about the issue at the time of the event then it doesn’t appear as stupid as it does a few weeks later when you finally get it off your chest.

Feeling emotional bottlenecked it a terrible feeling.
It makes you depressed, and unable to move past anything that has been building up.
And its not worth dragging yourself down in emotions, as life is too short to keep holding in everything that is bothering you.


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