Books Need I Say More

Books Need I Say More

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“So many books, so little time.” & #8213 ; Frank Zappa

Books appear to be these magical pieces on paper: they can be made out of either 100 or 50,000 pieces of paper or any number in between. They have words that have been writing in ink and can be manufactured in their 1000’s. Every single copy saying the same thing: different editions may improve on an existing book or may add more information then the original offered but its still the same book.

Every book holds a story: fiction and non-fiction both tell a story.
But where as non-fiction tells a story of truth and discovery, fiction tells a story of a different kind.

Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Travel, Children’s books etc…. all of these and more are genres of books. Genres that can create places, characters, events. Genres that can captivate our hearts and imaginations and make us want to continue reading to find out what happened to them.

I don’t know where my fascination started. I can’t even remember my first book.
I'm sure though that I started out like everyone else.

Starting out with those plastic baby books that you have to play with in the bath.
Having my dad read bed time stories to me before I fell asleep.
Taking out a book from the school library every week: more like I went through three books a week and then on the weekend I had my own books to read.

As I got older I couldn’t seem to pass a bookstore without going inside: either a proper bookstore or a used one. Walking into supermarket and going straight to the book section.
I have memories of trying to read the Hobbit but finding it to hard to follow but still trying to read it anyway. The first two books though that I can remember reading, enjoying and wanting to read again were: Charlotte’s Web and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

To this day I love books: I love the feel and smell of a book. I have three bookshelves that are so full that I have to pile books on their sides just to make more room.

I'm not sure if everyone else feels the same passion and devotion that I have for books, but I feel it’s a shame and a tremendous lose if no one even wants to experience the trills and enjoyment that all books posses.

Technology seems to have gotten in the way of book reading: TV, Phones, IPads, EReaders, have all reduced the physical act of reading. I know these devices have included ways in which a book can be read on the screen but looking at a screen for hours on end doesn’t quite add up to the complete experience of reading a book.

As well as technology time is also an issue: we all have such busy lives these days that it is just simply easier to sit in front of the TV or just play a game on our phones or even just say “I’ll wait till the film comes out”.

Reading a book takes time and dedication, but trust me if you just put down the technology and pick up a book, any book, you will experience all the thrills and enjoyments they have to offer and it will leave you wanting more. Take me for example: I have three bookcases full and I'm not finished yet as there are still more books out there for me to discover and read.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” & #8213 ; Ernest Hemingway


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