Body Confidence

Body Confidence

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We all find flaws in our body, whether we are too short, too tall, too fat or too skinny. The list goes on as we are always focusing on the negatives.

Thanks to popular culture, we are immersed in body image and body misconception. Magazines are absorbed with photo-shopped images and models have to have a certain look to be walking on the runway, which all play a part in why many of us don’t feel confident in our skin.

We are all born with different body structures and we all need to embrace them. There are not many people that believe that their bodies are perfect, but they show confidence in the assets they have.

If you don’t like your hips, you can hide them by wearing certain clothing. If you feel that you are too short, you can get height by wearing heels. However, instead of focusing on what you do not like about your body, focus on what you do. Identify the body parts you love and say how much you love them out loud. This will make you feel confident and forget about those problem areas.

Don’t be fooled, women are not the only ones that go through body image issues. It is something that many men also face in their life. Men want to have that athletic body, but many find that they are too fat or skinny. Body confidence is something that men and women do face, however, men do not tend to show their emotions and talk about it out loud.

There are some aspects that we can change with the right exercises and right diet, however it is important that we don’t go over board and obsess about it and forget what else is important in life. This can lead to many problems including eating disorders.

The only solution is to be confident in your body. Overcome your insecurities and show your best. People will not realise you have flaws – they will only see your glowing confidence.


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