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It's tainted, it's poisonous, and it's really a kick in between the legs. I'm sick to death of hearing really bitter stories about people's outlook on life, and then decide it's okay to go and shove that shallow opinion down other people's throats.

On the holidays after having a few drinks with friends, someone that was with us from across the table rambled on about what a waste of time relationships are. I asked "Why?" And then he continued to babble on such comments as "There's no point of spending the rest of your life with one person." I automatically thought, "Oh my God. Either someone has really hurt this person badly, or he's just a cynical brat." Not to mention, after that I found out he was in a five year relationship that ended nasty, and since that happened, relationships are apparently a waste of time. It's hard enough to move on from a time span like that, sure. But, that doesn't mean the green light is up so that person's views can be conned by someone else.

What's the point of being bitter? It's just killing the happy vibes of other people, and they have to deal with the one person causing a scene like a two year old in Toys R' Us. The best way to not behave like that, is to take a step back and look at what is being done.
Think about it: is what I believe really the way to go?

Because, and just because one person has done the damage doesn't mean the whole world is out to do the same.

Listen, the sound of the tone could be more controlling than how it's interpreted.

Act and try to move on by solving that personal on a completely different level before it inflicts others.

Remember, the people surrounded by loving friends that respect them are usually surrounded by people in peace with themselves and each other. So, act less bitter and more sweet.


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