Believing In Yourself

Believing In Yourself

Posted 2014-01-24 by angelstarfollow
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We all don’t do this enough. We tend to feel inadequate sometimes which can make us undervalue ourselves quite often. Isn’t it funny how we can give someone a compliment, but yet not to ourselves.

If you look at the picture clearly, you will see how important this is to our soul. It needs to be nurtured along our life's journey.

Life is a vast amount of open space just waiting for you to reach your eternal potential. Take that leap of faith, knowing in the trusting knowledge that you can believe in yourself wholeheartedly and always.

Sometimes we look at others and think sometimes they are perfect, and we would like to be like them or maybe live their life of luxury. We can be jealous of other people’s abundance, but what does that really do to us?

Nothing but heartache and being unhappy judging and criticising ourselves all the time. Therefore, how are we meant to believe in ourselves if we are thinking and feeling the other way?

Very difficult to move forward to the future if you are stuck in the past. By not believing in your potential and best abilities, you really are robbing yourself of a great life.

So you don’t have the perfect figure (what is it anyway?); you're not rich, too short, bucked teeth, pimply skin, long nose, big ears, bald and anything else you can think of, it doesn’t matter.

Because the number one thing you need to have is that belief in yourself. If you don’t have that, then how can other people believe in you?

Makes sense for sure.

You deserve to have and be the best out of life. Step up to the plate and bring yourself in to first gear, and then you can watch the wonderful opportunities that life presents to you.

It is your turn to believe in you 150%. I do, and so should you.

B: Beautiful
E: Energy
L: Love
I: Inspiration
E: Empowerment
V: Victory
E: Encouragement

I: Intuition
N: Never give up

Y: You
O: Outstanding
U: Unite

Till next time, keep smiling always, and shine your light on others.


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