Being Comfortable With Grey

Being Comfortable With Grey

Posted 2014-01-22 by Millie Claytonfollow

I get asked, "what's the point?" It keeps happening. Constantly. People keep enquiring. They want me to define everything. My actions, my relationships, my time, my work. I have to spell out for them why I do the things I do and for what purpose it serves. I spend a whole lot of time trying to create the polarity between the black from the white so there is no middle ground. This way, everything is categorised and fits neatly into boxes. Theoretically, one could assume this would be comforting as I would know where everything is.

Growing older you begin to realise just how much of life consumes grey areas. Our actions are seen in the grandiose decisions we make, right down to the very infrastructure of how our gait appears to another. These actions are what we think are defined by our beliefs.
From sociology studies it has been found however that the opposite is true. Our actions define our beliefs. We have no idea what we believe and so what tends to happen is we look towards our actions for answers.

Not having a clear idea on something doesn't mean you are indecisive. It may just mean that you have the foresight to recognise that everything is in states of flux. What personal truths may exist today may not tomorrow.

Being so sure of truth can lead to being dubbed narrow-minded. Not being sure of truths however, can come off as being ignorant.

I remain convinced that we should answer for our beliefs in the present, yet remain aware of the high probability that our opinions will manifest into something entirely different. In other words, that we are constantly wrong in the sense that our truths are always changing. Truths fluctuate out of relevance when the time comes that it no longer pertains to you. Truths are personal. They are not cold hard fact.

Try writing down new truths every day and notice the changes you go through. Notice how everything is always moving. Time is defined by change. Don't be scared of it. My truth for the day is that I no longer need to define everything I see before me. I enjoy it for whatever it may be and release it. It allows that truth to serve someone else a new purpose as it has served me mine.


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