Being Afraid

Being Afraid

Posted 2013-12-22 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow

Being afraid of everything is really hard. It makes the hardest part of living, just breathing continuously. Fear is completely consuming, it’s like an infection deep in your core. The scariest part about that, is that you aren’t sure if it is ever going to go away.

It gets in your way, stops you doing things. You don’t take risks or chances. You stop talking to people. You become totally introverted.

Sometimes, you can pretend to be confident and strong, to not be scared. You do those things and say those things, but then you just feel like a fraud. You pretend because you don’t want to let people down, have the ones you love be disappointed in you, or for anyone to worry about you.

You can get really good at pretend, sometimes even fooling yourself. You forget that you’re afraid of everything, you forget that everything is really scary.

But then something happens, and you remember just how afraid you are, just how scared of the world you are.

What I’m trying to say, is that it’s normal to be scared. It’s normal to stress and worry and be totally unsure of yourself. You’re supposed to feel that way, because fear stops us doing careless things like having unprotected sex and drink-driving.
Fear is a good thing. It’s healthy, in small doses.

You can’t be afraid of everything, though. You can’t be afraid to take what is yours, or to fall in love, or to chase that dream. Because then you’re only existing, instead of living. You get one short life of maybe eighty years, if you’re lucky. That’s it. Only eighty-odd years to go and do everything and see everything and be everything that you’ve always thought and hoped for.

That’s what I find really scary – I’ve only got sixty-odd more years to accomplish everything I’ve dreamed about.

So pick your socks up, wipe some mud on your face, and go to battle. The battle is life, the battle is fear, and the battle is your own mind. You’re the only person stopping yourself doing all the things you want to do. Why be your own worst enemy, when you can be your own best friend?

The risk is always worth it, always. You are allowed to fail, that’ part of the risk, but when you succeed? Oh boy…trust me, it is more than worth it.

Take charge of your own mind, your own life. Stop being afraid, and start seeing the world for the beauty it really is.


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