Batophobia Is Not The Fear Of Bats

Batophobia Is Not The Fear Of Bats

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The names of some phobias are pretty easy to work out and others aren't. In case you are wondering, the fear of bats is chiroptophobia which comes from the Greek language. Well, what is batophobia the fear of?

Definition of Batophobia
There are several somewhat varying definitions but all have to do with heights.

  • According to, and, 'an abnormal fear of being near an object of great height such as a skyscraper or mountain'.
  • and say, 'the fear of high objects or of high objects falling down'
  •, gives 'fear of being close to high buildings'
  •, states 'abnormal fear of being at great heights', also called altophobia, hypsiphobia and acrophobia

  • Symptoms of Batophobia
    When thinking about or in a situation involving tall buildings or great heights, the person may experience one or more of the following -
  • dizziness
  • pounding chest
  • shortness of breath
  • sweaty palms
  • dry mouth
  • uncontrollable anxiety
  • feeling powerless
  • nausea
  • hot or cold flushes
  • numbness
  • tingling sensation
  • fear of going crazy
  • feeling of unreality, of being detached from oneself

  • Causes
    Sometimes batophobia can be traced back to a traumatic event in the person's life involving heights or a tall building. Perhaps the person witnessed an earthquake where tall buildings collapsed, burying people.

    At other times there isn't an obvious cause.

    Impact on daily living
    If a person lives and works in a location where there are only single storey buildings, this phobia won't not have an impact on daily living. However, if a person lives or works in a high rise building, that is a different situation. Even if the person can choose to avoid tall buildings, their opportunities for accommodation and employment may be limited by their phobia.

    If this phobia causes a problem with daily living there are treatments available. Advertisements for various treatments can be found on the internet but it may be best to speak to your family doctor for a referral to a reputable therapist if you suffer batophobia.

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