Baby Joy A Labour

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A new baby is a joy - but the process of having baby may be less so at times. At certain times during labour, some women are not themselves.

Hormones are raging, first time Mums can experience panic and fear. Here are some women's reactions during labour that I've witnessed.

I had a friend that each time she had a baby, would go around to all the other expectant mothers in the ward telling them she was dying.

I made involuntary horrid cow noises.

A daughter wouldn't have anyone look at her face.

Daughter in law was extremely quiet and only whispered a barely audible 'damn' just before baby came into the world.

One woman would damn her husband with the most choice-iest of language every time she bore a child.

Most everyone I know thought each time they were having a baby that they would not have another.

I had a bit of a time when I had my first girl and could have slapped the doctor.

'We have a girl' he said. 'She will have many babies'
I answered with something like 'Hmmmf' and must have pulled a face because the whole room roared with laughter.

The body is a wonderful thing. Women kind of 'forget the pain' hence many go on to have more babes. The 'ordeal' is tempered with the result.

The child - pure joy - a labour of love.


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