Awaken Through Meditation

Awaken Through Meditation

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Meditation is like the beautiful unfurling of a lotus flower, where your spiritual heart is awakened and open to light and love.

The first time I sat down to meditate I was left pulsing with bliss, tranquility and satisfaction. Meditation is the only time in my life where I consciously allow my mind to rest and my breath to guide me and ground me. I understand if you seem a little, perhaps more than a little, sceptical of such a practice.

People I know have told me; “it’s a waste of time”, “you’re just doing nothing”, “I’d rather be doing something productive”, and “it’s boring”. I’d like to reveal that not one of these people have given meditation a try.

I can assure you that after beginning this grounding practice you may find your general productivity throughout the day increase and you will approach situations with a calm and open mind making them less challenging to resolve.

Meditation is about connecting with yourself, listening and embracing the present.


So, here’s my invitation to you for peace...

  • Find a quiet space to sit or lie down, as long as you are comfortable, this is very important.

  • Close your eyes and relax every part of your body. Find your breath and feel it. Breathe in and out at your own pace. Your breaths don’t have to be deep, your natural rhythm is perfect.

  • Allow your mind to rest. Thoughts will cross your mind, so be aware of them, accept them and then let them pass gently like clouds. If you begin to get tangled in these thoughts return to your breath, concentrating on your inhale and exhale.

  • How Long Should You Meditate?

    These three steps make up the most basic practice of meditation which I carry out every morning shortly after waking up. I meditate for fifteen minutes. This amount of time benefits me greatly by setting my mind, soul and body up for the day ahead of me. If you have only two minutes to spare in your day then use this time for mediation and see how you benefit. Sometimes I feel like meditating for twenty or thirty minutes at a time, and I always feel refreshed and vibrant afterwards. Once you start you won’t want to stop! It is such a worthwhile habit.

    When Should You Meditate?

    Meditation is also a wonderful resource to turn to in the middle of the day where chaos is abundant, or fatigue and lack of motivation have gripped you. If stress, exhaustion or worry creep into your day, just stop.

    Stop, close your eyes and breathe, for five minutes or for five breaths. I promise this will leave you feeling energised and with a little bit of relief (or a lot!). Try it when you hit one of those inevitable afternoon slumps.

    Meditation Experience

    Everybody’s experience during meditation is different as is everybody’s way of meditation. Words, images, sounds or scents may present themselves to you during meditation. The best thing you can do is accept such messages even if you have a hard time understanding them. It will make sense to you when the time is right. If you enter meditation completely open, vulnerable and without judgement you will benefit significantly and discover details about yourself that will amplify and support your life.

    Be Aware

    As you progress with meditation, doing it every day, you may experience change and shifts occurring around you. For example disordered circumstances may appear to occur less and less in your life, or have you just learnt to bring a calm and focused mind to such circumstances?

    Always work with what meditation serves you, never against it.

    Know that you have begun a beautiful practice that will bring you peace, happiness and a beauty that radiates like no other.

    Believe in your breath.

    Image "Shiva dreaming" by Cornelia Kopp under licence CC BY 2.0


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