Appreciating the Little Things

Appreciating the Little Things

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Do you have dreams and goals you are working towards, so hard that sometimes you forget to stop and smell the roses? I know I do. Then I stop (sometimes it takes a nasty cold for me to stop) and remind myself that this is not a race I am on, this is life. This is my life. This.... what I have around me right now.... is my life.

I hold onto my dreams because they keep me inspired, they give me momentum towards something. Momentum is important for me, I love change (well OK not all the time) and growth. My dreams also point me in the right direction and give me things to do. It is those things to do where I become stuck sometimes, I am pretty good at doing. Sometimes I keep doing till late in the evening. Yet doing doesn't feed my soul, doing is not enough to feel fully alive and living, for that we need to be.

Being is Awareness of the Present Moment

Being is where we feel joy, sadness, love, anger. When we are being we can feel the texture of the grass under our bare feet, smell fragrant flowers and herbs, hear the wind in the trees and watch the sunrise. When we are being, when we are fully present in our lives, it is then that we can appreciate
the little things.

Appreciate the Little Things

I appreciate: the clucking of the chickens in my backyard; the pumpkins growing on the nature strip; the noisy racket when my kids get home from school; the cuddles I get from them and my husband. I appreciate the food I have prepared for dinner; the house I live in; the camping holiday we have just been on. I appreciate the time I have right now to record these thoughts, the time I spent this morning running a meditation class. These are my everyday, this is my life.

Take a moment yourself now and write down what you appreciate in your life. The bigger things yes but most importantly those little things. Maybe there is a particularly pretty bush you walk past each day, maybe there is a pet or someone you love who is always around, or maybe it is just that the sun came up this morning. Allow a smile to form on your lips and notice its effect on your body and appreciate that too.

May your day be filled with appreciation.


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