Anything Worthwhile is Worth Waiting For

Anything Worthwhile is Worth Waiting For

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Almost anything that you can think of that you cherish in your life required hard work. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

The well-known saying “Patience is a virtue” is not just a meaningless platitude. If you reflect upon your life experiences thus far, you will probably remember that many of the great things in your life required work, effort and yes, patience.

The fact is, very few goals or dreams are achieved over night. As writers especially know, to become successful and build some kind of income requires a great deal of commitment, and a huge degree of patience. Using the writing example, when I just began, the rewards of earning money were minimal to say the least! (Other writers – you will relate, no doubt).

However, I am pleased that finally, because I have persisted, the accumulation of income is increasing exponentially the more articles that are published. (Also, I have a love for writing, and as other contributors probably can relate to, if it weren’t for that, quitting would seem easier..}

Friendships take time to build. It takes patience to become a good listener, to put in the effort and commitment to be a good friend. For example, we know that trust in a relationship doesn't happen overnight - it takes time.

Any avid gardener knows that plants require a lot of effort and time to grow.

Just as writers don’t become rich overnight, best friends are (as far as my experiences tell me) built over time, to grow vegetables in your garden requires you to patiently tend to it.

Another example is fitness and weight loss. Any sustainable loss of weight (that is done in a healthy manner) takes time.

A baby spends nine months in their mother’s womb before being born – and look at the miracle of a new-born!

If we rush anything, we are probably not putting a lot of consideration into our efforts, and the outcome is often second-rate. For those who have studied, you will know how difficult an assignment is to do over-night! In the longer term, a university degree can take up to six years, in the case of medicine. However, having such a fantastic job pays off.

When choosing an outfit to wear, do you pick the first thing you see? Probably not. You look around, try things on…

Anything we try to rush will almost always compromise on quality.

However, if we want a worthwhile article, a quality friendship, a wonderful garden, fitness, and so on, it really is worth waiting for.

Patience can be difficult sometimes. Some of us seem to have more patience than others. However, patience can be developed. This is also often associated with greater skills in sustained concentration as well as greater self-discipline.
As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – however it is one of the most influential civilisations of our time.

No wonder the sayings “Patience is a virtue” and “Good things are worth waiting for” evolved! “Patience is a virtue” I believe was written in biblical times. The fact that it is repeated today is evidence of its veracity.

A way to increase your patience is not to be too obsessed with the outcome. Instead, delight in the process, the evolution of your dreams and goals over time. Once we have what we wanted, there will be something else that will beckon our attention – and require the application of patience once more. It therefore seems logical that patience will serve us throughout life, and its practice can have benefits in almost any pursuit or process you can think of!


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