Anxiety Turning on the Light

Posted 2013-12-28 by Millie Claytonfollow

It feels like someone is sitting on your chest and a scourer is rubbing away at your insides.

The Smaller Picture

This corrosive entity somehow manages to creep up and swallow you whole into what feels like a dark and bottomless pit. The wave of worry seems to manifest itself out of nowhere and amidst this emotional storm you attempt to incorporate some form of rational thought to help subdue the feelings of unease.

There is no sense of control and by the time you realise how tight it has its hold on you, the point of return is too far-gone to simply talk yourself out of it. It starts like a huge duvet cover you hide under when you’ve watched a scary movie, originally with the purpose to protect you only to transform into an ominous cave that is extremely hard to breathe in.

This little bastard is called anxiety and has gained huge momentum of the last few years with incidence rates steadily on the rise. The only difference between anxiety and excitement is your perception so at what point does your mind flick the switch to turning one sensation into the other?

The fast paced lifestyle of a modern city could be partially responsible for the uprise. A city filled with confused individuals who have gotten so dazed in their search for ‘something’ that it’s their body’s way of trying to commit mutiny from itself. But wait…

The Bigger Picture

It's important to see the bigger picture when dealing with these debilitating onsets of panic. And to also have a bit of humour. By thinking about the funny things below, you can start to grasp hold of your condition so you own it, it does not own you. Try and take control. There are perks! Try and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s think about all the things you can do…

  • Grasp hold of that apprehensive adrenaline and pretend you are a superhero and try to flip off some walls.

  • Think about the jitters you got from that coffee you shouldn’t have had during the day and realise that you can now get that exact same feeling for free.

  • You are a super-human who doesn't need sleep. You are so special that you just get to lay there for a large majority of the evening willing your brain to be quiet. This message will most likely be in tune with your jittery legs that also happens to be romantically paired with an escalated heartbeat.

  • You can walk down the street with your chest giving your mind the impression that you have a crush on every stranger you lock eyes with. This happens to be purely because of your heart feeling as if it is about to catapult itself out of whichever orifice it can escape from first.

  • Congratulations! Take a step back and breathe. You are one blessed supernatural being that lives on a higher frequency to everyone else.

    Own it.

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