And Then You Hit Publish

And Then You Hit Publish

Posted 2013-11-30 by Rhi Rhi Tfollow
I am like Julia who started her blog

I watched “Julie and Julia” the other night. Where Julie started writing a blog about Julia’s recipe book, and her cooking styles.

This film is the reason why I wanted to start writing online, not just because it was about a woman writing a blog, but because I could see parallels between Julie’s situation and mine.

Julie loved to cook and loved to try new things and experiment with new recipes, and if you read my last post , you will know that I have recently found my love of cooking too.

However, she is a woman trying to make it as a writer, and her husband told her to start the blog. He said “all you have to do is write." Then you hit publish, and your work is out there. It’s out there for everyone to see...or words to that effect.

I love to write. I'm in uni doing a degree where I can study; where I can write, and where I can type out sentences and manipulate the words and create new images throughout the written work I have created.

I love writing to the point where I want to make a career out of writing one day. I want to be a published author one day as I have so many ideas running through my head on any given day, and putting them all down on paper is sometimes challenging.

However, I have started writing my own book. One day I hope to see it in print. But for now I'm taking Julie’s husbands words seriously. “All you have to do is write. Then you hit publish, and your work is out there. It’s out there for everyone to see.” For now I am in control of what I write and what I publish.


  • When you discover your passion, go for it!
  • Inspiration and motivation can come from unexpected sources. (In this case a movie).
  • Have courage to go the path you want to.

  • Image: Made with screenshots from "Julie and Julia" movie trailer Sony Pictures


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